Smart and Dolars in the Physical Education Study Fees for Second Rasafenderan

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Assist. Instructor Kawthar Yahya Khalaf


    What the study reached the features and the significance of the shape in fees Technical students with second high school students, which is located in the four semester, a problem, introduction and importance of research His goal and limits, his eye and one of the most important Terms in the study The problem of research is the characteristic and significance of the form in the fees for the art education students for the second high schools, this is what has witnessed a great transformation and wide interest in monitoring the conceptual variables of the framework of the structural drawing that dealt with different fields that exceeded the implicit contents through its stages to reach the employment of images and topics of features and significance and its effects in the influential discourse And its aesthetic role for art, so that its data occupied an influential and significant space in the reality of those influencing results to accompany the emissions of change in the philosophical and aesthetic thought of the data of .fees and the significance of form This was demonstrated by the characteristics and significance of diversity of art, especially the formats and the significance in the technical structures affecting the fees of modernity, to resonate in the past of the nature of the artistic work followed in the style of the current and the artist, and thus determining the problem of research with the following question: What are the features and significance The research is that it contributes to tracing the impact of intellectual and aesthetic data contributing to the formulation and employment of features in the drawing and the significance of the form of students ’fees from the sample and filling this cognitive void with the current scientific effort as the ideal artwork. The research also aimed to identify students' features and fees in the art education of the sample members from the second Rusafa students, and while the limits of the research are limited to studying the fees implemented with various (materials, water, acrylic, and ink), which include fees that carry features and significance in currents Modernity and indications of form in drawing, which are found in the technical sources of the .sample members The second chapter included definitions and terms of the feature and indication of modern .drawing As for the third chapter (field research procedures), it contained the research community and its great eye (3) Technical works for light at the end of the tunnel, dream and screaming, research tool, research method and analysis of the research sample forms. The fourth chapter contained the results, conclusions and proposals ... where the researcher reached the social aspect of students, which represents the student environment, as well as the limited possession of experience and technical experience for students and the accuracy of the sample members of the most important coordinates of the prevailing technical development in the world, as well as the researcher recommended conducting a study similar to the art role And its reflection on . the development of art.

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م.م. كوثر يحيى خلف. (2023). Smart and Dolars in the Physical Education Study Fees for Second Rasafenderan . Journal of the College of Basic Education, 29(121), 483–472.
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