Responsibilities of the arbitrators:

The review of the research by the referees helps the editorial board to take the appropriate decision regarding the research. Furthermore, the review process may help the author to improve and modify his or her research. The editorial board is committed to giving the arbitrators regulations, standards, and the level of sobriety in documents and papers accepted for publication in the journal. The editorial board is also obligated not to disclose the names of the arbitrators without the written consent of the arbitrators themselves.

Judging time:

The arbitrators who are selected to arbitrate the research must notify the editorial board as soon as possible in the event that they apologize and do not wish to arbitrate the research sent to them.


The arbitrators are required to deal confidentially with the research sent to them for arbitration, and documents and papers may not be disclosed or discussed with others, with the exception of the journal editorial board.

Objective criteria:

Objective criteria in judging is a must and personal judgment on authors is not permitted nor ignored. Judging must be supported by clear opinions and scholarly arguments and must be in accordance with the approved regulations and standards of the Journal's "Publication Terms".

Acknowledgment of the sources:

Reviewers must notify the editorial board of the author's non-compliance with the standards for publication in the journal and ensure that the references are compatible with the sources and that the sources match the sources listed in the references. and ensuring that the opinions and arguments presented do not belong to other research. The arbitrators should alert the editor to the existence of a similarity or overlap between the manuscript submitted to the journal and other published research, if any.

Disclosure and conflict of interest:

None of the information and ideas contained in the refereed research may be used by the reviewers for personal, competitive or other interests, and will not be taken into account when reviewing the research by the authors.