The Effect of Bilingual Environments on Education and Learning

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Asst.Prof. Muna Dalaf


It can be noticed that this world is vast and diverse when it comes to the matter of language. Also, one can notice that, in many countries around the world, various people with different cultures can appear. All of those people speak different languages. Also, those people will certainly speak with various accents. Such diversity can make multilingual environments. Such environments can be found in many schools in many countries. As a result, this research tries to focus on the topic of bilingual environment and its effect on education and learning. In addition, this research tries to explore the meaning of bilingualism. Moreover, this research will try to focus a little bit on the meaning of the bilingual family and its role in providing the best conditions to achieve a bilingual environment for their children. In addition, this research will show the different kinds of bilingual programs that can be presented to the students in the schools and the effect of bilingual environments in the classroom. Since this topic is really important, more research is required about it. As a consequence, it is important to make the Iraqi EFL college instructors know more about this topic. Therefore, it will be very helpful to hold a lot of educational workshops that cover this subject in order to increase their background understanding of it.

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Asst.Prof. Muna Dalaf. (2023). The Effect of Bilingual Environments on Education and Learning. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 29(121), 23–13.
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