Published: 2018-09-01

Supporting the oppressed and its evidence In the sayings of Ahl al-Bayt 

a . M . Dr. Hossam Abdel Zahra, خالد محمد جاسم

123 - 140

Curriculum in the Holy Quran Treatment of indecency

Mr. Dr. Nashat Salahuddin Hussein, Mohamed Mahmoud Suhail

141 - 160

Reform and its types in the thought of Ahl al-Bayt

Prof. Dr. Khaled Mohammed Jassim, Ali Abdullah, may God have mercy on him

179 - 198

Ignorance in some issues sales

'. sumyat eabd alwahaab shaeban, rusul 'ahmad naji zaydan

199 - 212

Ibrahim Al-Rawi

Mr. Dr. Nadhar Ali Amin Al-Sharif, M. M. Manar Mohammed Shehab

313 - 340

Self-transcendence and its relationship to critical thinking of university students

a. Dr. Jamal Hamid Qasim Al-Dhahabi, M . Dr. Ammar Abdul-Jabbar Qaddouri Al-Salmani

799 - 835

Breaking the Stereotype Image of Women in Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls

Dr Maysoon Taher Muhi , Instructor: Enas Jaafar Jawad

15 - 29

Pragmastylistics: The Integration of Pragmatics and Stylistics

Prof. Dr. Fareed Hameed Al-Hindawi , Lecturer: Nesaem Mehdi Al-Aadili

113 - 133

Breaking the Stereotype Image of Woman in Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls

Dr . Maysoon Taher Muhi , Instructor: Enas Jaafar


Solid state reagent preparation To measure natural radioactivity

Dr.. Rashid Mahmoud Youssef, 'aeraf khalid dhunun altbbw

73 - 84

The rate of radiation dose distribution in Al-Anbar Governorate, Al-Qaim district

Abeer Finjan Hadhoud, محمد جاسم محمد , حسان شعبان خليل , د. سلام طارق

111 - 119

Employment of Arabic calligraphy in pottery

Elaf Saad Al-Basri, ياسمين احمد جميل

437 - 451

Fixed and mobile in four-dimensional designs

sahirat eabd alwahid, ziad eawdat ribh

571 - 595

On The Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Heat Equation Maan A. Rasheed

Maan A. Rasheed, Yousif Hussein Mohammed, Roua Mohammed Ahmed

49 - 60

Estimation of uric acid in Iraqi women with breast cancer

Ghufran saad nsaif , Najwa Shehab Ahmed, Amer Hassan Abdallah

91 - 97

Biosorption of Cu Ions from Sewage Water Using Water Hyacinth as a Low Cost Biosorbent

Asst. Prof. Dr.Mohammed H. Abdul Latif, Nebras Hameed Alwan

113 - 125